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17 June 2013.

Note to readers.  It's a rare website that can keep up with the changes in URL from various sites.  I try to check URLs all the time, but many change.  PubMed ones do not, but more recently, others have particularly the Ministry of Health, or other stories which the pro vaccine people have found have been used against them. Where I find a broken URL,where possible, I put a pdf of the now defunct page near the URL so that people can see what  was on the removed  page, or changed  URL.

Where you find a link is broken, and I've told you how I found it, you may need to follow the instructions as to how to find it, and become expert at catching your own fish, not relying on others to catch fillet cook and feed the fish to you while your hands are tied behind your back.  After all, most people here know how to research on a computer, right?  If not, find out.


Beyond Conformity is not intended to be a one stop help-desk. 

Our Mission is to help hone thinking skills so that people can research widely, and not rely on any one source for information.  Both ‘Just a Little Prick’, and ‘From One Prick to Another’ contain considerable resource material which is not going to be duplicated in ‘Resources’ on this website. Book books are on this website as pdfs.

This part of Beyond Conformity, will forever be “under construction”.  As time goes on, I may put all sorts of information in here written by myself, or other people, such as scientific links to interesting information, material I’m working on, or just plain interesting stuff.  As our site develops, those registered can dig around, and also ask questions on the questions page, which may or may not be answered on this site.  Some information is available to anyone without registering, but if you want more detailed information than public access allows for on this site, you have one of two choices:

  • Become familiar with your local medical or public library, hone your ability to access Te Puna Interloan catalogues, which is the preferable method of self-education...
  • Pubmed and other search engines, Google Scholar , ..... and find your answers elsewhere.

This site is a work in progress, but we don’t intend it to become a demanding slavedriver, or for us to become “text-message help-desks”.

Vaccine information.

Before you, as a New Zealander, look for any information anywhere else on the net, we believe the first important step is to know exactly what the various New Zealand pro vaccine sites have to say on any particular vaccine. 

An example of how to search:

Gardasil®.  Look for all the pro vaccine material first.  

First stop is always the New Zealand Immunisation Handbook: http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/immunisation-handbook-2011
The next handbook is due out next year, but it's format is uncertain.

Second stop is IMAC: http://www.immune.org.nz/?t=914

Get to know intimately, how both those sites work, and the scope (or lack of) of their information.

Say you want  Gardasil’s vaccine data sheet.  You might go to Google advanced search (New Zealand sites), put Medsafe in the top box, and Gardasil® data sheet in the phrase box.  Hit enter on your keyboard.

When I did this resource page, Google presented me with two entries, one for

a consent form (dead URL)(pdf) http://www.gardasil.co.nz/Downloads/Patient_Consent_Form.pdf 

and one for the data sheet: (dead URL) (2011 datasheet pdf)

If those links are dead now, repeat the search for yourself, and find the current data sheets. The New Zealand website on Gardasil® http://www.gardasil.co.nz/ is written by the vaccine manufacturer.

Medsafe information is written by the vaccine manufacturers. So if the HPV vaccine you are looking for, for your country, is CERVARIX, you have to think about how you are going to find that data using a Google search.

When you read sites which promote vaccines, remember that their primary aim is to make you feel that everything they say is all you need to know, and that only consulting with a doctor results in a proper decision. The Gardasil® site contains this statement:  “All decisions regarding GARDASIL® must be made with a healthcare provider.”  That is not true.  You are perfectly capable of making a decision in your own head without reference to any healthcare provider. 

Read the pro vaccine material very carefully, watching the language being used.  Look for emotional blackmail, inverted phrasing, and message framing.  Be very aware of the fishhooks.  Look at who has vested interests, and what they might be as part of that process. Most pro vaccine people genuinely believe vaccination is the right thing, and don’t see that the contracts they sign which are essentially “be pro vaccine or else”, or money they or their medical schools receive from vaccine manufacturers, compromise them, or are a sign of vested interests. None the less, they won’t talk about it.://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/07/25/cbsnews_investigates/main4296175.shtml.  The same applies to “anti-vaccine” material. 

Whenever you read pro vaccine material keep in mind this statement from a 1996 medical article called, “Parent Comprehension of Polio Vaccine Information Pamphlets” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8657518 on page 809:

“Pamphlet authors should determine the key points that the patient (or parent) needs to know to achieve the behavioural objectives.  Nonessential concepts can then be deleted. The key is to write for the desired health behaviour, rather than for high level knowledge.”

Parental information gives you a bit more than in 1981, but most often the really important bits, are the bits they leave out… as with the MenZB™ literature to parents.  However, the plus is that through internet, parents have a chance to educate themselves about the “nonessential concepts” which aren’t put in parent information, for the simple reason that your decision might not be the behaviour they desire from you.  You might decide to say, “No.”

When you have all their pro vaccine information, start to look at what you have not been told by any of those sites:




HP Virus background information

Let’s start with the manufacturer’s page on HPV and how the virus is spread.  Print out this page: http://www.gardasil.co.nz/Hpv.aspx

Now, go to Pubmed:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez enter the numbers below, one by one, and read each abstract.  Print them out:

  • PMID: 12791874
    PMID: 16288396
    PMID: 13679205
    PMID: 11174573
    PMID: 17133162
    PMID: 8623809
    PMID: 12002819
    PMID: 8551271

Read the vaccine data sheet even if your eyes cross, then compare the information about numbers of viruses etc, with this http://www.fda.gov/cber/minutes/0910evolv.txt . (Dead URL PDF here.) In particular, pages 84 through to about 103.  The read this, www.fda.gov/cber/review/hpvmer060806r.pdf , (Dead URL pdf here)  thishttp://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/06/briefing/2006-4222B3.pdf and this http://www.americanprogress.org/kf/hpv_event_transcript.pdf . (Dead URL, Transcript PDF here)


This http://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/news?article=6d18bff6-fabf-4bff-91b2-b23d32ca087b is interesting (Dead URL, pdf HERE) .  In particular, see the comment at bottom of article, re diet and HPV. You could expand that search in Pubmed to look at these:

  • PMID: 8268768
    PMID: 12420947
    PMID: 1306093
    PMID: 9641499
    PMID: 3591517
    PMID: 7304600
    PMID: 2731999
    PMID: 7656799
    PMID: 12958402

That’s only the start.  You can find titles which look like this:

Meyskens FL and Manetta A. Prevention of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical cancer. Am J Clin Nutr 1995;62(suppl):1417S-9S.

Basu J, Palan PR, Vermund SH, Goldberg GL, Burk RD, Romney SL. Plasma ascorbic acid and beta-carotene levels in women evaluated for HPV infection, smoking, and cervix dysplasia. Cancer Detect Prev 1991;15:165-70.

Batieha AM, Armenian HK, Norkus EP, Morris JS, Spate VE, Comstock GW. Serum micronutrients and the subsequent risk of cervical cancer in a population-based nested case-control study. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1993;2:335-9.

Brock KE, Berry G, Mock PA, McLennan R, Truswell AS, Brinton LA. Nutrients in diet and plasma and risk of in situ cervical cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst 1988;80:580-5.

de Vet HC, Sturmans F. Risk factors for cervical dysplasia: implications for prevention. Am J Public Health 1994;108:241-9.

Palan PR, Romney SL, Mikhail M, Basu J, Vermund SH. Decreased plasma beta-carotene levels in women with uterine cervical dysplasia and cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst 1988;80:454-5 (letter). 

Butterworth CE Jr., hatch KD, Macaluso M, et al. Folate deficiency in cervical dysplasia. JAMA 1992;267:528-33.

Romney SL, Basu J, Vermund S, Palan PR, Duttagupta C. Plasma reduced and total ascorbic acid in human uterine cervix dysplasias and cancer. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1987;498:132-43.

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Schneider A, Shah K. The role of vitamins in the etiology of cervical neoplasia: an epidemiological review. Arch Gynecol Obstet 1989;246:1-13.

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Graham V, Surwit ES, Weiner S, Meyskens FL Jr. Phase II trial of beta-all-trans-retinoic acid for intraepithelial cervical neoplasia delivered via a collagen sponge and cervical cap. West J Med 1986;145:192-5.

Meyskens FL Jr., Graham V, Chvapil M, Dorr RT, Alberts DS, Surwit EA. A phase I trial of beta-all-trans-retinoic acid for mild or moderate intraepithelial cervical neoplasia delivered via a collagen sponge and cervical cap. J Natl Cancer Inst 1983;71:921-5.

Meyskens FL Jr., Surwit E, Moon TE, et al. Enhancement of regression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia II (moderate dysplasia) with topical applied all-trans-retinoic acid: a randomized trial. J Natl Cancer Inst 1994;86:539-43.

That’s only the start.  Put some of the titles in pubmed search box, click go, and then check “Related Articles”. 

Here’s something interesting.  The dates of these studies mostly predate the development and trials for Gardasil or Cervarix!

There are a few more recent studies, but most of them contradict the early research, and say that nutritional factors don’t apply, which runs along with the new trend in medicine to steer people away from discussing supplements, or meaningful nutritional or lifestyle changes in relation to cancer of any sort. (The same sort of thing happened after vaccines and antibiotics were commercialized.  Any attempt to follow up the many leads which showed that vitamin A is a major immune system modulator, and helps the body fight infections stopped in its tracks.)

This nutrition study doesn’t discount nutrition in helping the body deal with HPV infections:  Sedjo RL, Papenfuss MR, Craft NE, Giuliano AR.Cancer Causes Control. Effect of plasma micronutrients on clearance of oncogenic human papillomavirus(HPV) infection (United States). 2003 May;14(4):319-26. 

Neither does this one: Goodman MT, Shvetsov YB, McDuffie K, Wilkens LR, Zhu X, Franke AA, Bertram CC,Kessel B, Bernice M, Sunoo C, Ning L, Easa D, Killeen J, Kamemoto L, Hernandez BY. Hawaii cohort study of serum micronutrient concentrations and clearance of incident oncogenic human papillomavirus infection of the cervix. Cancer Res. 2007 Jun 15;67(12):5987-96. Epub 2007 Jun 6. (And the full text is free:  http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/cgi/content/full/67/12/5987)

Can you see the marked shift in research emphasis, where it’s all leading, and why? 
These are only a few of the angles you can take when researching Gardasil® , HPV viruses, how it spreads, why cervical cancer affects less than one percent of all women. 

 These concepts will help you to see the whole picture: those “non-essential” concepts, which might give you the confidence to be more in control of your future, and your decisions, knowing that you can do something about any predicted outcome, and that cervical cancer isn’t just some mysterious incidents of fate that you have no control over. 

And that a cancer-free future isn’t determined by whether or not you have the Gardasil vaccines.

if you are still thinking of vaccinating:

If you decide you still want the vaccine anyway, you need to research the side effects, which are supposedly non-existent.  At that point, you might then want to check out what other people are saying in reportshttps://www.judicialwatch.org/documents/2008/JWReportFDAhpvVaccineRecords.pdf  newspapers and medical blogs.

Some places you might read are:

Gardasil® warnings expanded: http://washingtontimes.com/news/2008/jul/10/merck-fda-expand-gardasil-warnings/
Gardasil® clinical trials – placebo: http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/janak/080723
FDA and CDC consider there are no Gardasil® reactions: http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSN2231596120080722?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews&sp=true
No Gardasil® reactions other than fainting: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/114810.php
One of many Australian articles on serious side effects of Gardasil (which don’t exist).  http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ipad/mother-links-daughters-mystery-illness-to-vaccine/story-fn6bqpju-1226347643884

Merck sponsors film ads for Gardasil®: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/110261.php

Do an extensive google search, and a whole raft of diverse points of view will present themselves.

But always ask yourself, no matter the blog, no matter the TV station, no matter the magazine, newspaper, or medical pronouncement:  “Exactly what is riding on this?” An interesting research topic would be to follow up Dr Broker's comment on the American progress transcript above, as to why Merck is pinning their future fortunes on Gardasil.Which means doing a "follow the money" trail.

These are the topics that we as parents need to know and share with our children, because those same risk factors, life style lapses etc, apply to ALL forms of human papillomavirus cancers, including cancer attributed to the virus types not in the vaccines, and the types they’ve not yet identified.

The drive to maximise profits from new vaccines means a lot of effort is put in to convincing advertisements, and arguments to persuade as many people as possible to have their arms injected.

The bottom line is, make up your mind what you are going to do, when you are satisfied with the level of information you have thought through, and have strong enough convictions about what you are going to do, either way.

And then take possession of your own decisions.

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