“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Living out of the mould is never dull! You view life from a different perspective and when people ask questions about those perspectives and the lifestyle from which our answers will come, a website usually becomes the vehicle by which the communication takes place.

However, if you by choice are completely computer illiterate, then the means by which communication takes place is either via a competent computer operator, or alternative methods.

Hilary handles this technology and manages the website, while Pete packs books, potters and ponders.

You can access Hilary’s Desk by clicking the appropriate button, but as you can see, Pete’s desk is less sophisticated!! He is happy to provide the options of quill and phone, especially the latter, when called upon.

For Peter, they go beyond the web, and he is literate in those marvels of technology.  And he packs a mean book parcel too, by the name of “Fort Knox”!  The quill and earpiece can be so much more personal and private than the web.  So all in all we really do go beyond conformity, if you can accommodate that.

Peter and Hilary Butler.

P.S. From Pete.

I spoke too soon.  A computer won’t let you do what you would like to do – so the last sentence has proven to be a bit of a mockery.  Our chosen type face, up the top, can’t be done for the rest of this page because of conformity.  T’would have to be scanned, which would take too long to download, and that would send viewers nuts and is just not netiquette, so we are told.  A website, being part of a system, requires a “structure”, and I don’t fit the structure! 

I wonder how long it will be before “quills” are no longer acceptable?  We know that telephones, dependent on the copper wires, are already succumbing to wireless technology. 

As for basic smoke signal networking, some bureaucrat would clobber you before you even lit the first match!

(Deep sighs)  Heliographs aren’t really an option in a world of many flashing lights, not to mention the other logistics.

But save the mirrors!  They are a must.  Use them daily.  We need them to examine ourselves minutely.  What shape are we in?  Are we being squeezed in the mould?  It’s not a case of “if”.  Rather, “when” and “how much” is acceptable.  Want to be a clone, or a robot, or a puppet on a string, or a zombie?

If you don’t, then have a good “look” at yourself.  You might be horrified at how much you’ve changed without realizing it.

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