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More taxpayer-funded Gardasil propaganda

Hilary Butler - Friday, September 05, 2008

I sit here looking at the latest Ministry of Health HE2013 taxpayer funded propaganda for the "Cervical cancer Vaccine", Gardasil.  It's a 21 board-page 'quick flipchart', which tells you nothing more than the two websites mentioned in the last blog.

Being information for Health Professionals and young women (which makes you think that they are treating young women with as much respect as health professionals, when in fact it's Health Professionals being treated as if they are "stupid" young women), theoretically you would have expected solid information. 

But then in practice .... when I really think about that concept... of telling Health Professionals the whole truth and nothing but, that would be counterproductive to the aims of Merck to achieve the highest possible uptake of this vaccine.

The Gardasil propaganda campaign has been to say lots of words, none of which address fundamental issues, but all of which feed fear, and reinforce ignorance. The KISS principle. It's the foundation stone towards the making of modern medical flat-earthers.  The product is fearful, dependant, bubble-wrapping parents, who don't feel that they have any skills with which to create their own non-fearful future.  These parents don't realise that they are being kept ignorant, and if you suggested that such a strategy was deliberate, they would look at you as if you are a ten headed dragon breathing sulphur fumes.

So, define "ignorance".

Answer - a group of people who don't know what they don't know, but think that they know all they need to know.

If they did know what they don't know, they wouldn't be ignorant.

Why are they ignorant?  Because society... the average nurses, doctors and parents have been deceived into BELIEVING that everything they need to be told, they would be told without asking for it. They don't consider that they are ignorant because they have been lied to ... by carefully considered "omission".

When people learn a lot more about Human Papillomaviruses, they are left reeling that there is so much they aren't told. They are incensed they were not told. They feel betrayed. They are angry at the Government and doctors, for not wanting to tell them everything, though medical people can't "want" to tell anyone, if they don't know the facts themselves. 

Most of all, parents are angry at themselves for being duped enough to believe that whatever they were told, was everything they needed to know.  They pride themselves that they aren't stupid enough to be deceived.  I know.  I was once like that.

Actually parents are told everything they need to know  .... to run out and get their children vaccinated.

When they find out more, they swing around with angry faces and ask, "Why did they not tell me this, or that?  Why is that?"

Why is that, indeed?

There are many possible answers, and none of them are particularly palatable.  So take your pick. 

But there's a new Gardasil twist, just for parents.  The ultimate stab of the knife in the parents' backs.

THIS time, in the fine print, it is stated that children under the age of 16 can be vaccinated even if their parents wouldn't agree, if the Health Professional believes they understand all the benefits and risks. 

See here on the right hand side, half way down.

So much for the rights of parents.  Your children, more and more, are simply State approved chattels.

That's the joke really, that they use the word "all".  "All"???  When Health Professionals don't know all the facts themselves ... yet think they do.., and always consider any vaccine reaction outside of a narrow parameter of trivial side effects to be coincidental?

With that ignorance, comes arrogance, and then contempt of those who say, "No thankyou".  Those people are labelled flat-earthers!!!  Hippy drop-outs.  Anything, to set them apart from "normal, good parents".
How long will it be, before this turns into every parent's nightmare?  When all these young naive people who "know all the benefits and risks" start having the sorts of coincidental side effects and other problems that thousands of children overseas have suffered.

Every so often, when I meet adolescents who are still reeling from "coincidental" MeNZB vaccine reactions, they look like scared rabbits in headlights, except their eyes are sort of switched off.  I wonder what adolescents will be like, as a group, in ten years time?

As for us... as parents, we have just about reached "Animal Farm" territory here, and I wonder who even notices? 

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