“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Part 3 of 4 Offiteerers’ cognitive dissonance

Hilary Butler - Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Part 2 of 4 Offiteerers’ passion

Hilary Butler - Friday, November 27, 2009

A recent abridged email provides another piece to the jigsaw puzzle: Continue Reading

Part 1 of 4 Offiteerers’ remorse

Hilary Butler - Thursday, November 26, 2009

At a recent annual provaccine conference, it is reported that delegates expressed remorse at “strong arm” tactics. Could it be that the MenZB vaccination campaign, and the latest Gardasil efforts, have seriously backfired in their faces? People are sick of being emotionally blackmailed with drama-queen DVD’s about “How you will die if you don’t” or “Vaccination is the right thing to do, because everyone else does it.” And “You are irresponsible if you don’t!”  Continue Reading

Bodily Matters

Hilary Butler - Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Bodily Matters” by Nadja Burbach. Continue Reading

Mandatory Vaccination

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making vaccines compulsory, isn't something you hear much about in New Zealand media, BUT... if we aren't careful, mandatory vaccination will become law in this country. While those who tweak the strings around the wrists of politicians have kept very quiet in public, in private, there have been, and are, far more intense discussions going on about making vaccines mandatory, than ever before. How do I know? Continue Reading

Swinish Shock Doctrine: Part Two

Hilary Butler - Monday, May 04, 2009

Everywhere we look, we see nothing but pictures of coloured surgical masks as if these have some paranormal ability to “protect” the wearer. These, we presume, work. Right? After all, they are part of the “national plan” to stop the spread of flu viruses right? We’ve been told that the two main means of infection are contact: as in shake someone’s hand, put hand in mouth; picking up droplets from furniture (fomites), or being directly coughed or sneezed over. Right? Masks supposedly are to contain what the infectious people cough out, to protect others, so wearers also assume that masks protect them from the “environment” around them. Why else would people on the streets of Mexico, and doctors, be wearing them? Right? Wrong, actually, on both counts.  Continue Reading

Swinish thoughts on autopilot brains

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Handshakes put pair in quarantine tells us "Public health official Sally Young said only those with direct contact with the Rangitoto pupil required isolation at the moment." Hello?  Is anyone at home in the Health Department?  Yoo hoo!!!? Continue Reading

Swinish thoughts on Medical Insanity

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How's your day? Full of humour and irony? No? Well, let me make your day for you, or stuff it up, depending on your perspective. Consider the irony and illogic from the reportage team who wrote yesterday's New Zealand Herald articles on the swine flu. Let me join a few dots for you, following on from yesterday's blog serve. Continue Reading

Trotman eats toe jam, yet again

Hilary Butler - Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sunday Star Times has a magazine called Escape in which their regular medical columnist, Dr Paul Trotman, pontificates on a diverse range of medical issues. He is known for his vigorous denouncement of anything thought to originate from, or be, “anti-vaccine”. His latest contribution however, is remarkable for the utter stupidity of opening the mouth prior to opening the brain. Apparently, comments about overcrowding being the biggest “cause” of meningitis are dismissed as some “attitude” of anti-vaccination people. The column reads:  Continue Reading

3 of 5: Another empty fallacy

Hilary Butler - Monday, November 10, 2008

1) Given that there is over a 90% vaccination rate for the 6 weeks to 5 months vaccines in this country, wouldn’t you think that all these vaccines create the highly touted herd immunity they are purported to do, so why will your baby drop dead?  Continue Reading